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The End

2005-02-11 - 8:47 p.m.

There comes a time in the life of every blog when its status as a public document becomes very apparent to the writer, often with disasterous consequences.

My time is now. I'm in trouble, and I deserve to be.

Although I have valued this blog as a venting space, it is still available for anyone to read, and therefore a number of the statements that I have made on it have been inappropriate. If I have caused offense in any way, I promise that I am deeply sorry.

Because of what's happened, I have decided to close this blog. Please do not try to plead its case, those of you who know me and those who don't. To people like Narami, Ladeeleroy, and Funwithears who have come to enjoy this blog, rest assured that I will keep reading yours. To my friends who read this, you'll get the full story from my own mouth soon enough.

This diary has been fun, but as they say, it's always fun until someone loses and eye, and I've been running around with my sharp stick for too long.

This message will be up for the next two weeks while I download entries I'd like to keep for personal reasons. After that, this account will close. For those who might want a better explanation of things, I recommend going to Ladeeleroy's page and going to the entry that happens around Feb 19th about the diary being unlocked, because the last thing that I'll say for myself is that, like Ladeeleroy, I've tried to use this diary to get certain voices out of my head, to try to let the darker voices out so that I could be better in real life, and that I hope those who have read have not come to the conclusion that this is the real me, or the unmasked me. It was just a piece of me that I hoped would make people laugh at me, and at themselves, and that it would allow them, like me, to try to be less of an ass the rest of the time. The problem is that it might be letting a part out to play that refuses to go back inside, and for that reason, and many others, I have to end this now.

With Love and Regrets,

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