Narami - 2005-02-12 18:11:58
If we are not getting a reason and if begging and pouting won't work... then all I can do is cry a little. This was one of the bestest out there and there will be an empty space in dland after this... de mas esta decir I'll miss your writing, please stay around. And if I can be bold enough, think about it? hard? go to she has a LIFE on the internet, people from Europe know her, her child and her husbands face! people write to her telling her what a terrible mother she is for feeding her child chesse crakers and what did she wrote about today? Anal sex. Honestly, if she can make it, anyone can. Now I may go in peace. *waves with white hankerchief & misty eyes* *hugs* *turns around & hugs again*
texbex - 2005-02-14 13:47:35
My dear, I am so sorry........ Like all of your other faithful readers, I will indeed miss your blog, but I totally understand why you must quit.. I love you so much and if there is anything, anything I can do you know I'm only a phone call away....
trish the dish - 2005-02-15 16:34:13
Noooo! I feel like I'm giving up my favorite dessert. I'll miss it so...Love, T

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