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Quick Note 24

2004-11-14 - 10:31 a.m.

I am busy busy busy. I am writing this entry until I finish my coffee so I can then go get my study on in the library.

First of all, everyone has been jumping for joy that Ashcroft is out. I am not, because Alberto Gonzales has a lot of stains on his record that include advising Bush to say "Fuck the Geneva Convention right in the ear!" and treating death penalty stay-of-execution the way Bush treated studies at Yale. He was pretty much, "Yep, this asshole should fry! DNA evidence? What DNA evidence?"

At least with a fucker like Ashcroft everyone's on guard. Worse yet, Gonzales is from San Antonio! The asswipe is from my hometown! This has got to stop.

Well, I finished my coffee, but before I go I want to say that last night I attended a fabulicious costume party and danced my ass off. I really, really love my cohort. There are some badass motherfuckin' dancers out there, with special props to Metameat and his charming dance partner. They kicked quite a lot of ass.

Anyway, please do not be sad, those 3 of you that read this, if there are no entries this week. I have to read up on postcolonialism, postmodernism, public intellectualism, activism in India, medieval housekeeping practices, and lots of other crap.

I have friends applying to grad school right now. They don't know what they're in for.

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