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Quick Note 23

2004-10-25 - 1:05 p.m.

Just to show that the littlest things can make me happy, I want to say that I was ecstatic last night over the fact that my two favorite episodes of South Park--the one with J-Lo and the one where they pretend to be ninjas--were named the best and second best episodes ever, respectively. Although the J-Lo one made me laugh more, the ninjas one, I think, might be the real best episode, because never before have the writers captured what it was like to play pretend as a child as well as they did in that episode.

Of course, this wasn't anywhere near as wonderful as the fact that I got to spend my Sunday with my beloved sister (in spirit), Lolita of Dolo's Den. A big long entry on how cool that was is forthcoming.

However, I wanted to get a bit serious and direct people to this webpage:

It's a speech delivered by Indian documentary filmmaker Anand Patwardhan to the World Bank. It is perhaps one of the most powerful indictments against the corporatization of media and gobal imperialism I have ever seen. At the end is a video that is extremely disturbing, and not something I would recommend seeing until you have some time to process it. However, I do recommend that people see it: what you do with it is, of course, up to you.

And to cheer yourselves up afterwards, I recommend the J-Lo episode of South park. For once, general opinion agrees with me.

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