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Quick Note 21

2004-09-01 - 9:51 a.m.

So last night I started writing an entry about how classes, so far, were on the disappointing side, in an attempt to anti-jinx myself, so that I would then have to write a retraction entry about how wonderful classes had become during the second half of the week.

I firmly believe in jinxing. I have jinxed many a thing in my time.

In fact, I just jinxed myself last entry, because I wrote about how my access to the Berkeley wireless network would hopefully mean more entries. As it turns out, when I tried logging on this morning, I got the dreaded message: YOUR COMPUTER HAS A VIRUS AND WILL NOT BE ALLOWED INTO THE SYSTEM!!!


So, sometime today or tomorrow or most likely Friday I get to take my baby to the doctor. Stay tuned for the harrowing details.

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