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Quick Note 19

2004-08-04 - 9:28 a.m.

Okay, so you know how people say that if you're able to have long conversations or write angry letters about how busy you are, then you're not really that busy at all?

Well, notice how I haven't written lately . . .

Yes, I have been packing, repacking, and saying goodbye in a manner enitrely appropriate to someone moving halfway across the country. Today, I am doing the actual leaving.

I wanted to do my big "Goodbye, Austin, I'll Miss You!!!" entry before I left, but I'll have to do that once I'm in California. I feel kinda bad about it. It's like writing the break-up letter after just having had sex with person you left your lover for. But, what can you do, I'm an evil slut like that.

Wish me luck on the 26 hour trip! I'll holla at you guys upon arrival.

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