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Quick Note 16

2004-03-02 - 8:10 a.m.

Hello there all you lovely people. I am going to be taking a break from the diary for a week. Wouldn't you know that this happens right after another fabulous person adds me as a favorite? Lauralgood, don't stop reading! I'll be back!

It will actually be a little more than a week, but I won't care, because I will be having myself a ball and a biscuit in one of the most gorgeous cities in the history of the world, a city that has seen more world history than most.

That's right folks; The Notorious RRZ is going to Rome! I'll be spending a week there in a little hostel with my bestest friend Shkbob. We will hopefully also hope on the train to Venice, Florence, or Naples. Ah, the glamorous life, which will include sharing a shower with God knows how many other people.

Until I return, I'll list a few of the sites that inspire me and amuse me.

Check out my old friends, bloggin away:

Or the awesome peeps who enjoy my diary:

There are the sites that make me laugh:

The sites that inspire me:

And a little of both:

Also, don't let Same-Sex Marriage get stomped on while I'm gone:

Send a letter:

Keep informed:

Sign the Petition:

And attend rallies in Washington DC and Detroit on March 3rd and in New York and Chicago on March 4th.

Well, that's all. In the immortal words of Eddie Izzard: Ciao!

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