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Quick Note 13

2004-01-21 - 4:40 p.m.

Horrendous day at work today. I may talk about it tomorrow or I might just try to forget. Regardless, I would like to tell everyone that racism? Sucks. You heard it here first.

Anyways, I wanted to plug SXSW, which for those who are neither 1) Texan nor 2) a rocksnob, is pronounced "South by Southwest." It is one of the most important music festivals in the country, a chance for hundreds of unsigned artists to come strut their stuff for the major labels, in the hopes that they will be picked up and shot to stardom. The list of alumni includes such favorites of mine as Ani DiFranco, The White Stripes, Erykah badu, The Flaming Lips, They Might Be Giants, Lucinda Williams, Ben Folds, Beck, The Fugees, and Beth Orton.

This year, some of the headliners include Liz Phair, The Hives, Junior Senior, NOFX, Ozomatli, The Stills, Modest Mouse, and Starsailor. Granted, I only know two of these bands well, but I've heard good things about all of the above from various peeps. More importantly, it's a chance to earn your rocksnob cred by seeing the bands that Spin Magazine will fall all over itself worshipping in the next year or two before they're on the radar.

For those of you who know my secret identity, feel free to hitch a ride down to Austin and stay at my place. The dates are March 17-21st. You can stay at my pad, which is walking distance (at least by Philly-NYC standards) from the majority of concert venues. In addition, the delicious Ginger Leigh will be hosting events for GoGirlzMusic. It should be a must-do event for anyone who loves girls with guitars.

Finally, I just found out about this Coachella Music Festival in California May 1-2nd. Featured acts include The Cure, Radiohead, The Flaming Lips, Travis, Badly Drawn Boy, Starsailor, Air, and David Gray. In addition, it will feature a reunion concert for none other than The Pixies.

Anyone care to join me?

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