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Quick Note 11

2004-01-06 - 5:12 p.m.

So this was going to be a big long entry on Sex and the City, but then I decided to wait until the show ended to make sure that I wasn't getting angry over storylines that might end in unexpected ways. The thing is, I love this show, and if it ends with everyone paired off like they are now, I will be very pissed.

However, a last glimpse at, now with handy comments feature, gave me something to drop a little line about.

Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan? Happened 10 years ago this week. I shiznit you not. We are old, people.

Being a little gay boy at the time, I was entranced by this entire saga, not to mention the well-circulated conspiracy theory that it was all orchestrated by Michelle Kwan and/or Oksana Baiul. Even more so, I remember the DISASTROUS episode of Saturday Night Live hosted by Nancy, which made her look obnoxious and stupid. It was a highlight of adolescence.

Of course, I myself was alaways a fan of Kristy Yamaguchi, not to mention loving Surya Bonaly, with her mad flips, and Torvill and Dean, with their accents from outer-space. Ah, figure skating: the second gayest sport ever (after rhythmic gymnastics). If it weren't for that and tennis, I'd only watch sports every four years, and even then only to fantasize about the men's gymnastics team.

Don't look so shcoked. It gets me chanting "USA! USA!" every time.

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