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Quick Note 10

2003-11-29 - 5:17 p.m.

Okay, so . . .

The next few days of work should be intense, and I have a lot of grad school stuff to get done, and I am flying to Paris on Thursday morning to go see Ma Cherie Nela Bella, whom I haven't gotten a chance to hug in more than two years. So I might not update for a full two weeks. But I wantes to drop everyone a line because some things are quite yummy right now.

First of all, I wanted to say that I saw this great episode of Daria about her application to an academic scholarship. She hated every minute and felt like she couldn't be herself and get it, and sure enough she was right, but that didn't mean she wasn't disappointed. I started singing "Strumming my pain with her fingers, singing my life with her words, killing me softly with her song" before the second commercial. She made me feel better about not getting the Marshall, but then the next day I got a call telling me that I am a finalist for the Thouron Award, which funds 1-2 years of study in London. So, this time, I managed to be myself and at least become a finalist. As an added bonus, I have to go see to Philly for the interview, so I can see the Penn crowd and party like a rock star.

Second, I wanted to thank everyone who has been reading and enjoying this diary, particularly those who have said that it has challenged them or filled them with righteous indignation. Today, though, I got the best compliment. After reading my Blue Balls entry, a friend of mine gave herself her first self-induced orgasm. I couldn't be more proud if I had won a Pulitzer.

Although, Pulitzer Prize committee, rest assured that I love you, too!

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