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In My Girlish Days . . .

2003-08-18 - 8:58 a.m.

It's a Monday morning baby

And I'm feeling tired

I'd drink the crappy office coffee

But then I'd just be wired.

It was a long weekend baby

And I've got the Twentysomething Blues.

Friday night I was at a party

Drinking and smoking with my friends

I met a boy there baby

I bet you know how the story ends

The start of a long weekend baby

That gave me the Twentysomething blues.

He poured me some wine and some gin

He put his arm around my back

It'd been so long since I'd been laid

Well I was about to get my virginity back

It was a long time coming baby

But now I've got the Twentysomething Blues

When he took me back to his place

I could tell he was a scrub

There was no soap in the bathroom darlin'

And there was a ring around the tub

But I figured what the heck

I wanted to cure the Twentysomething Blues

You know he told me I was beautiful

When we he laid me down in bed

To bad the horny bastard

Couldn't give any decent head

I'm talking some bad sex baby

It gave me the Twentysomething blues.

He wanted me to stay the night, Mama

And hold him til the morning came

When I just wanted to get home

And try to forget he had a name

Yes I'm a big bad slut and I know it

And I got those Twentysomething blues.

The next night I went to a party downtown

I was the entertainment, nothing new

Vegetable oil wrestling in drag baby

I gotta do what I gotta do

Oh but the place was full of stupid kids.

They gave me the Twentysomething blues.

A girl decided fireworks

Were the entrance she desired.

I guess it didn't occur to the dumb bitch

That she'd set the place on fire.

This Dumbfuck has a daughter, by the way

And she gave me the Twentysomething Blues.

It tried to put the firecrackers out.

Before they touched the ring.

It was a second before I noticed

The singeing and the sting.

Third degree burns on my foot, baby

A sure sign of the Twentysomething blues.

I can no longer party

With the punks and with the kids

I'm not as fond of being slutty

Yeah babe my youth has hit the skids.

Let me tell you all these stupid people

Have given me the Twentysomething Blues.

Yes, being surrounded by all these idiots, darling.

Has given me the Twentyyyyyyyyyyysomethin'


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